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Friday, 27 May 2011

Redpolls on the Move

A recent batch of recoveries included details of most of the Lesser Redpolls that we controlled in March/early April. They show that the birds are moving through at this time of year from wintering areas in the south of England up to the Cheshire area. One had wintered in Surrey. Another had been ringed at Shooters Hill Greater London on March 21 and caught at our feeders 11 day later.

The breeding areas of these birds also featured with a control of a bird ringed in Southern Norway in late April 2009 and controlled here on March 21st. We have also had news of a bird we ringed in mid February and the ring was photographed in Mull this May, full details to follow. The Redpolls appear to be quite mobile at this time of year with several movements between three of our feeding stations.

Other recoveries included a Leighton Reed Warbler controlled in France in August 2009. A Coal Tit ringed in Swinton Gt. Manchester in January moving 44 km to our area in March. A Chaffinch ringed in November at Heysham and controlled 86 km north in North Yorkshire in mid March.

A Nuthatch ended its days almost five years after ringing flying into glass having moved just 8 km,


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Pete Marsh said...

Correlating at a similar latitude:

Lesser Redpoll
L554497 5 13/02/2011 Sevenoaks Wildfowl Reserve (Kent) map
R 29/03/2011 Calf of Man (Isle of Man) 456km NW 44 days

T438248 3 14/11/2007 Icklesham (East Sussex) map
R 29/03/2011 Calf of Man (Isle of Man) 510km NW 3 yrs 135days